Tattoos can be effectively removed by the Q switched NdYAG laser. It works best on black, blue black and green tattoos. A numbing cream is applied 45 mins before the procedure to reduce discomfort. It usually takes 4-8 sessions before the tattoo is satisfactorily or completely removed and are spaced at 6 week intervals.
Side Effects

  • Hyper pigmentation (dark spots) or hypo pigmentation (white spots) may sometimes occur; however these are more common in darker skin.
  • ‘Paradoxal darkening’ of a tattoo may occur when a treated tattoo becomes darker instead of lighter. This occurs more often with flesh tones and lighter colored tattoos and maybe avoided by doing a ‘patch test’; where the laser is applied to one or two test sites prior to a decision to treat a full tattoo.
  • Scarring may occur when inappropriate laser energy is used.
  • Transient textural changes are occasionally noted but often resolve soon.
  • Local allergic responses to many tattoo pigments have been reported, and allergic reactions to tattoo pigment after Q-switched laser treatment are also possible.
Patients with hypertrophic or keloidal tendencies or hypertrophic scarring tendencies.
Active inflammation at the tattoo site.
History of Vitiligo, Psoriasis.

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